Biking, canoeing, drinking, eating, enjoying, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, sailing, sightseeing, surfing, swimming, walking in the Minho

The Alto Minho does not yet attract  crowds of tourists, whereas it offers a significant range of activities as hiking, walking (Santiago de Compostela route is passing through), cycling, horseback riding due to the presence of mountains, parks, gardens (Sierra de Arga, Parc nacional de Geres).

The area of Peneda is a challenge for amateurs of climbing and mountaineering. The Minho and the Lima rivers provide magnificent natural conditions for ultimate pleasure to practice kayaking, canoeing, diving, rowing and sailing. Also, the Atlantic beaches do guarantee huge fun when surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing and bodyboarding.

The vinho verde, a unique wine type in the world, is a typical product of the Alto Minho. The name of this wine would be due to the predominant color of this region or to the typical acidity, as if the grapes were picked green. The taste is very nice, the price and percentage of alcohol are both low. It fits well with fish and seafood that are abundant in the region.

Nearby villages which are absolutely worth visiting are Caminha, Vila Nova de Cerveira, Ponte de Lima and Braga. In Caminha you can take the ferry boat to Spain (15 minutes) where you can eat lobster and experience a very different atmosphere.