Marco and I have been looking for a statute to be placed in the garden or somewhere on the premises, but somehow we never went looking for it.

Last Thursday we both suggested that we would visit some of those garden centres to see if they would have any statutes that we would fancy. We nearly arrived at Valença when we saw this shop at our right, which we had already seen before. The shop is run by two ladies, who have a very good collection of kitchen gear. Great quality for very reasonable prices. We got ourselves a sauce pan and vintage style plates and bowls in yellow and orange.

Finally we had a look at the statutes and at first glance there was nothing. I was hoping for some ugly sculpture with half its head missing so that it would become kind of interesting, but they all looked plain hideous just from the factory. Suddenly, I saw her. I looked at Marco and he had also seen her. She is just right. When we put her in the backseat of the car (she is extremely heavy) I was thrilled to bits. On my way back I looked at her a few times and knew that I had already grown very fond of her. Marco could not resist brushing her up a little. He loves women with red nails and lips.